JD138  Introduction to CAD for Jewelry Design
Instructor:  Dana Buscaglia
Fashion Institute of Technology - Jewelry Department

Required Textbook:  Rhino for Jewelry, by Dana Buscaglia

Week 1
  • Introduction to the Rhino Interface.
  • Navigation in the Rhino screen working in 2-D. 
  • Selecting and Deleting Objects. 
  • Lines and Polylines 
  • Ortho and Grid Snap modes. 
  • Move and copy commands. 
  • Object Snap – making objects touch/connect. 
  • Analysis Commands 
  • Editing drawings using Control Points/Editing a geometric Polyline into a single curve. 

Week 2
  • Rhino document properties/creating a template 
  • Placing a design sketch onto the Rhino construction plane. 
  • Using the sketch that has been created to compose a design layout, using Mirror and Rotate commands with History enabled. 
  • More Rhino Basics – Visibility (Hide and Lock)
  • Trimming and Splitting Objects

Week 3
  • Rhino Document Properties and Making a Document Template 
  • Rhino Options
  • Simple Stone and Prong composition 
-  Circles
-  Layers
  • Technical Drawing – Pearl Ring 

Week 4
  • Arraying commands.
-  Polar Array Command with History
-  Polar Array – Arraying Circles Around a Square
-  Arraying Stones and Prongs Around An Oval
-  Rope Twist Necklace – using Polar Array with History
  • 1-D and 2-D Scaling 
  • Arcs – Basic Arc commands
-  Necklace Layout Using Arcs
-  Necklace Layout
  • Scaling Elements in a Necklace Layout

Week 5
  • Arcs – Bombé Ring Drawing
  • Simple Ring Bands – Polygon-Rectangle 
  • Watch Dial drawing 

Week 6
  • Linetypes and Print Width. 
  • Simple Printing of 2d Drawings
  • Fillet Command
  • Chamfer Command
  • Customizing the workspace – creating a new toolbar collection. 

Week 7
Dimensions – working with Dimension Styles  
Ring Band with Bezel Set Cabochon technical drawing 
Creating a floral motif. 

Week 8
Introduction to working in 3-D Space. 
Navigating in 3D space. 
Shade and Render Viewport display modes. 
Introduction to basic Rhino “primitives” (basic shapes) 
Sculpting a Ring – Control Point editing of a basic Torus shape. 

Week 9
  • Rhino Render
  • Revolve
Ring band using History for Variations. 
  • Rail Revolve.
- Cabochon stone in bezel. 
- Puffed Heart surface. 

Week 10
  • Sweep 1-Rail command – Simple Ring Shape
  • Sweep 2 Rails Command - Wavy Ring Band
  • The importance of checking for Naked Edges. 

Week 11
  • Curve Network
- Bombé Ring I
- Bombé Ring II
- Hollowing out a bombé ring 
- Bombé ring with stone in Blended Bezel Setting 
- Orient on Surface command

Week 12
  • Extrude Commands
- Extrude Surfaces for simple ring bands. 
  • Prong Set Round Faceted Stone setting – straight prongs. 
  • Prong Set Round Faceted Stone Setting – angled prongs. 
  • Twisted Wire Elements.
  • Band Ring. 
- Modeling the Wire for Twisting
- Modeling the Inner Ring Band Element
  • Hoop Earring
  • Briolette shapes. 

Week 13
  • Simple Round Stone Maquette with stone and seat cutters. 
  • Enameled Band project. 
  • Rendered Viewport Material Properties using Enameled Band. 

Week 14
  • Circular Filigree with Stone
  • Octagon Ring. 
  • Cage Edit – simple floral shape. 

Week 15
  • Ring Band with Pave and Flush Set Stones.