• Go through this book from the beginning and, slowly and thoughtfully, take yourself through the step-by-step chapters. 

  • Repeat a chapter if you feel that you had a struggle getting through it.  The extra time spent will pay off!  Stay calm and understand that everyone goes through this stage!

  • Avail yourself of the Help Menu in Rhino.  The reader is urged to take advantage of this resource within Rhino.  If you see a command described in a tutorial that you may not fully understand, press “F1” and you will be taken to the Help menu for that command.

  • Try to use Rhino in your own work as soon as possible.  That is the way you will really learn it.  A struggle now will accelerate your learning curve.

  • Take Rhino courses.  You will always learn something more with each course that you take.

  • But... understand that most of the learning starts at home – working on your own computer.  Don’t feel that you have to keep taking courses to continue learning.  The hard work is done by you alone.

Rhino 5.0 for Jewelry